December 5, 2012


Check out these gorgeous crystal chandelier-style earrings! The minute I saw them, I thought of at least five women in my life who would love them (not including myself!). And when I heard how fast and easy they are to make, I went to work choosing colors.

Seriously, all you need are some of our new Swarovski briolettes, some jump rings, and two pairs of pliers. There are so many options to personalize these! More crystals, fewer crystals, different colored crystalscolored jump rings...

Here is exactly what we used to make them:
I am a novice jewelry maker. I'm getting better at stamping and the idea of soldering intrigues me, though I have not tried it (yet). These earrings are a great project for someone like me! They look very fancy and all you have to do is open and close jump rings. It's so easy even I can do it! If you want a crash course on jump rings, click on over to our Product Video. You'll be making beautiful jewelry like these earrings in no time!

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