December 10, 2012

Beaducation Originals - a cut above!

Beaducation is dedicated to offering quality products and services. Heck, we even made it one of our Core Values!
We have taken quality and style one step further in offering Beaducation Original designs. These are original Letter Sets, Design Stamps, and Blanks that you won't find anywhere else.

What makes our Letter Sets and Design Stamps so special? These are the highest quality sets in production anywhere. We are proud that they're made in the USA! The quality comes from a nickel-plated steel that won't rust and is tool-hardened to last a lifetime. The letter or design is engraved from the center of the stamp for accurate alignment every time. We also engrave a letter on the side of each stamp for easy identification. Our stamps are the most detailed you will find anywhere. I mean, that Dandelion & Fluff is just amazing!

How 'bout those Beaducation Original Blanks?! We recently counted them up and there are almost 100 blanks that you cannot find anywhere else. That's because our own Lisa Niven Kelly works with designers and vendors to create original shapes that are all ours. Now that's talent! We have recently created a new category within each metal type on our Blanks page so you can easily identify the Beaducation Originals. Which are your favorites?

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