November 15, 2012

Trade Show Booth Fun!

We love seeing our customers in-person at trade shows. Have you ever stopped to think about what goes into putting a trade show booth like ours together? And then when it's all over, we have to pack it all back up again! Admittedly, we have so many wonderful customers that we don't have to pack up nearly as many products to take back home as we brought. Thank you for shopping with Beaducation!

Behind these pretty ladies is our booth at Bead Fest Philadelphia. You are looking at 2,871 retail items in addition to 234 display items (like tables, drapes, and baskets). That's a lot of gear!

Lisa thought it would be fun to show the booth setup and tear-down in progress and share that with everyone.

Now for a little fun... Just how many hours do you think it took to set up our booth at Bead Fest Philly this year? Leave a comment on the blog. The person who guesses the closest time will receive a prize!


Kim said...

My guess is 8 hours 18 minutes

Randy Edelstein said...

I guess 6 hours 59 minutes!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

And then there is also the take-down aspect! I am going to guess that set up took you 6 1/2 hours.

Blake, Carrie and Taylor said...

I'm guessing 10 hours.

Christina Baxter said...

Well I was going to guess 10 hours but some one beat me to it so let's say 7 hours 20 minutes.

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