November 23, 2012

Ball Chain Just Got Fancy

Do you like the look of Ball Chain, but not the standard clasp that connects the two ends? It works in some projects, but others definitely need something more fancy. And let's face it, sometimes that standard clasp is not the easiest to get on and off! A nice large Lobster Claw or Toggle Clasp is a whole lot easier for tired hands to take off at the end of a long day.

FINALLY! We have a solution that will put the fun in functional. Our new Ball Tip Connectors allow you to add other types of clasps to your ball chain using a jump ring. No soldering required! These li'l holes will tightly fit any 18 gauge jump ring and easily fit a 20 gauge ring.

Look how we have completed a double-strand ball chain necklace using these connectors and a small strand of Gold Filled Cable Chain to create a more refined finished piece.

It's kind of amazing how this tiny piece of metal unlocks so many possibilities! Check it out -- you can create a five-strand necklace with each of these new Ball Tip Connectors fitting onto one jump ring and into one single clasp! Talk about a polished piece of jewelry!

Need more ideas? Why not take a length of our Leather Cord with a Leather Cording Pinch End and pop that pinch end into a jump ring alongside a length of Ball Chain with our Ball Tip Connector for a leather and ball chain mixed media necklace or bracelet! Or how about this? Individually cut 10 7-inch lengths of Ball Chain (mixing your metals, of course) to create a 10-strand bracelet or cuff. We could go on and on! What new design will you dream up with these new connectors?

Best of all, the new Ball Tip Connectors are super easy to use. Simply use your Chain Nose Pliers to pinch the shell over the last ball on your chain, add a jump ring, and connect it to the clasp of your choice. Voila!


crazycatladybj said...

Love this idea! I love ballchain, but not the clasp. this is perfect.

bellaj2000 said...

What I great idea and a long time coming. I only wish they were available in a higher quality material. A lot of people have allergies to nickel and/or skin problems wearing plated metals.