October 25, 2012

Simple, Trendy Bracelet Tutorial - MAKE IT NOW!

Want to make a bracelet that is so simple, and yet looks so chic? Let's do it! This bracelet makes a great gift because it easily fits anyone and you can customize your metal blank, sentiment, and ribbon.

STEP 1: Choose Your Materials
This bracelet requires a metal blank of your choice and ribbon of your choice -- make sure to choose ribbon that will not easily fray. Leather cord is a great option, too!

For these three bracelets, we used these three blanks:
Copper Rectangle Component with Slit
Sterling Oval (20mm x 38mm)
Silver Filled 1" Washer 1/2" ID

You'll need metal stamping tools, a hole punch, and Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Plier as well.

Here are some other blanks that would lend themselves well to this design:
Silver Filled Flower with Top Loop (cut off top loop)
Large Long Rounded Rectangle

STEP 2: Embellish Your Blank
Think of something clever and stamp it out! Then oxidize and polish your blank and punch holes where you want to attach the ribbon. For our Sterling Silver Oval blank, we used the Power Punch Pliers because we wanted a big enough hole to accommodate our fancy ribbon. Finally, bend the blank within the jaws of a Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Plier so that it forms the natural shape of your wrist.

Not sure how to do one or more of these things? We've got Product Videos that will show you how!

STEP 3: Tie the Ribbon
Attach your ribbon through the holes you punched in either side of the metal blank. The ribbon goes through the top of one hole, behind the back of the blank, and up through the back of the hole on the other side. Make sure you have enough ribbon to go around your wrist several times. If you want something fancier than just tying it around your wrist, check out our Simple Hammered Clasps class to make a wire closure.

For the Silver Filled Washer, we tied a ribbon to the back of each side of the washer with a very tight and small square knot, which we then squirted with Hypo Cement Glue to keep it from coming undone.

Voila! A handmade bracelet with so many possibilities. What will you make? 

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This is so easy to make. Nice trendy bracelets that could help you rock your style. Great going !