September 24, 2012

WINNER! Torch Enameling Giveaway

One thing is clear: you love Fall! The colors, the aromas, and the inspiration to create!

You're also pretty excited about winning this Torch Enameling prize pack. And who can blame you?? Yasmin got so excited about it that she whipped up these fun samples to test her skills. I just love the look of the enamel on the Patterned Copper Sheet! And those Solderable Accents? Fuhggeddabout it!

This giveaway generated so much excitement! Seriously, we had over 1600 shares on Facebook (and each one of those shares got TWO entries), we had over 2000 people "Like" the post on Facebook. And almost 500 of you left a comment on this blog post.  Sadly, there can only be one winner.

But don't despair if that lucky person is not you. We are putting our torch enameling supplies on sale for a limited time! SAVE 10% on these items for one week only! Use code TORCH10 at checkout now through October 1. Put together your own kit, or mix and match the items you need to start enameling!

Torch Enameling Class and DVD
Max Flame Jeweler's Torch
Blazer Soldering Torch
Small Trivet for Torch Enameling
Kiln Brick
Enamel Kits
Penny Brite
Gripping Tweezer
Small Files (set of 6)
Safety Glasses

But on to the news you have all been waiting for... WHO IS THE LUCKY WINNER?

JULIE ACKERMAN! Julie posted on our blog, and liked/shared the post on Facebook. Here's what she had to say:

julie ackerman said...
I love how fall is so fantastically beautiful and full of life and yet it is within the dying of leaves and flowers that that beauty emerges!!!

Congratulations, Julie! Please email us with your address so we can get this fabulous prize pack sent out to you.


Alice said...

Congratulations Julie!!!

Dzign by Jamie said...

Congrats Julie! So exciting!