September 6, 2012

NEW! Rivetable Rings

Do you want to create rings with texture, color, and depth? Now you can, and there's no soldering required!

These Rivetable Rings will change the way you think about ring blanks. Made from Sterling Silver, these rings are the perfect starting point to a really unique piece of jewelry. You can finally attach your stamped blanks, folded flowers, and colorful aluminum without soldering! The pin is already attached to the ring, and you treat it exactly as you would a nail head rivet.

Pretty cool, right? Leave the torch in the cabinet and reach for your riveting hammer. Add as many layers as you like because you cut the pin down as far as you need. Just look at the fun our team has had making the gorgeous rings you see below! Can you believe we mixed all those metals with a cold connection?

If you are new to riveting, or just want to brush up on the technique, be sure to watch our Product Video. Lisa walks you through how she riveted the ring you see on the far left, and then goes back to show you how to get the perfect-sized hole in your blank or charm.

Go ahead and choose your favorite metal stamping blanks, solderable accents, and charms. There are so many fun combinations for you to create one-of-a-kind rings!

Don't forget! Our Sterling Silver Blanks are 25% off through September 9! Stock up and save!


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