August 27, 2012

Patterned Anodized Aluminum

If you have been reluctant to use Patterned Anodized Aluminum in your jewelry, we've got some new patterns and new colors that will have you singing a different tune. Don't believe me? Check out our newest Product Video that shows you everything you can do with this fun metal.

Click here to watch the product video!

Let's talk about the benefits of anodized aluminum. It's relatively inexpensive, it's lightweight, and it's easy to stamp on because it is so soft. Add in these great patterns on colored blanks and a whole world of fun opportunities opens up!

You'll feel like a kid again when you are using your Assorted Color Sharpie Markers coloring the patterns on these blanks. In fact, why don't you get the kids involved? It's a great activity for them, too! Pour some resin over the colored blank to magnify the pattern and create a cabochon effect. The 5/8" blanks will fit into our Circle Blank Frames to create a finished pendant that is so unique.

We've got blanks in seven different colors and three sizes each, and more patterns than you can imagine. Want to saw your own shapes? We've got Patterned Anodized Aluminum Sheet Metal, too!


Anonymous said...

Can the aluminum blanks be soldered, or something soldered onto them?

Molly @ Beaducation said...

Hi. You cannot solder aluminum, but it's great for riveting!

Unknown said...

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