August 11, 2012

Alternatives to Sterling Silver

It's no secret that Sterling Silver is a fancy option for your handmade jewelry. It looks great, it feels great, and it holds up beautifully. The only down-side is the price tag that it comes with. That's because 92.5% of the metal is fine silver, which is pricey!

Sterling Silver is by far our most popular metal, but we also rely on alternatives that will give the same look and feel at a fraction of the cost. That's why our Silver Filled and Silver Plated offerings are always growing! We've even put together a Product Video that gives tips and tricks for stamping on Silver Filled blanks.

We've just added in Silver Filled Cogs, a cute new Crazy Heart Blank, new charms, and most exciting of all: Silver Filled Finished Chain in both 16" and 18" lengths.

Our Artisan Series Blanks are so popular that we made the decision to add Silver Plated Artisan Pendants as well. We have them in our heart and flower shapes and two of our most popular circle pendants as well. The silver-plated pendants are about one-third of the cost of their sterling counterparts. These blanks are 0.015mm of sterling silver plated over brass. That is mighty thick!

We think you'll agree that these silver alternatives look great, and the real value comes in the price difference. Take a look at the charm necklace pictured below. The cost to make it in sterling alternatives is about $21 (not including the stamping tools), where as it would cost about $47 to make it in sterling. Cha ching!
Beaducation Silver Filled Blanks

Sterling will always be a wonderful metal and we will continue to offer our most popular supplies in it. However, seeing that folks who can wear sterling will have no allergic reaction to silver filled, it is a great way to save a little money and spend those savings on some new design stamps!


Unknown said...

Thank you for these products and the tutorial. I've been looking for a more cost-favorable alternative and was saddened when I realized stainless steel wasn't a good option. This is perfect!

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