June 28, 2012

Did You Know? Weekly Specials

Did you know we run Specials that last for two weeks? It's true! Our Product Manager Mel McCabe pores over our inventory levels, sales reports, and trends before cutting prices on a fun and useful mix of tools and supplies.

This week's offerings are truly special, as we are featuring some of our most popular pliers as well as some stamping materials that fly outta here even when they are not on sale. Check 'em out!

This Sterling Artisan Pendant is 20% off, making it only $7.60 until July 9. What a great value for such a fancy pendant.

Add to your design stamp collection with our Beaducation Original Rainbow Cloud Stamp. This stamp is quite new and we don't often put them on sale. 

Our Economy Letter Sets rarely go on sale because they are already value-priced at $18. If you don't already have a tiny font, you should pick up this 1/16th set because it will never be $14 again! 

It's rare that we put tools on sale, but this week we've got our German pliers with Ergonomic Handles at 20% off. Chain Nose, Bent Chain Nose, Round Nose, and Flat Nose -- your choice for only $21.60. 

Have you joined the Steam Punk trend that's so hot right now? We have the Small Spoked Cog and Medium Spoked Cog in Sterling Silver both on special. Check out what Danelle has done with similar pieces and a few rivets in this Design Idea. Cool!

These specials end on July 9. We announce our specials on Facebook as soon as they are live on our site, so be sure to Like us to be the first in the know. Check Beaducation.com often for more great specials like these -- you never know when your favorites might be on sale!

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