May 29, 2012

Meet the Beaducators - Jennifer Wilson

Once again, it's time to Meet the Beaducators! Get to know a little more about the individuals who make things happen around here. 

Meet Jennifer Wilson! She's our Shipping Lead and in her 3+ years on the job has developed a workflow that is a model of efficiency. You can thank Jennifer for your packages arriving on-time and intact. This girl runs a tight ship!

1. What is your favorite product and why? 

It's either the 1lb brass head mallet or the blazer soldering torch. See, I'm not the jewelry making expert that many of the other Beaducators are and these tools make things sooo easy for me! Stamping with that brass mallet is effortless, it practically does the work for me. I hardly worry about hitting the stamp dead-on because the brass head is soft and makes up for the little bit I may have been off. 

The torch is awesome simply because I'm a fan of fire...but I'm not a pyro, I swear! I've recently been properly instructed on how to solder by our very own Aisha and Danelle and they got me soldering like a pro (or at least close-ish) and I've been making soldered stacked rings for all my friends lately!

2. How do you like to be creative in your free time? 

The first thing that usually comes to my mind is drawing. I've always been a little obsessed with the intricacies of the face. I love how the slightest bit of shadowing or the tiniest of lines can make a person look entirely different. Now, I must admit that it has been quite awhile since I have really taken the time to sit and obsess over a drawing because when I do, I tend to get so sucked in that the rest of my life takes a back seat and before I notice it, the week is over. But I guess being that passionate about something can't really be a bad thing, right?

The last time I really got sucked in to a drawing was when I recreated a photo of my grandmother as a toddler with her mother in China. That's probably my favorite thing -- recreating 
old black and white photos. There just seems to be so much more depth and history to them and it's easier to find my inspiration in them.

Aside from drawing I also love ceramics (working on the wheel is my fave). I had the best ceramics teacher in high school, Larry Leftofsky, who seemed to have so much faith in me. I felt I could make anything, and feeling that kind of confidence in my work made me love it even more.

3. If you were a food what would you be? 

Well, I passed this question around to my office mates and the winner was...a COCONUT! I must say, I think its pretty fitting. I LOVE my Coconut Skin Trip lotion and coconut has so many health benefits, which is something that's very important to me. It's good for your heart, high in fiber, improves digestion and is oh-so-good for your skin and hair! I also think it's quite fitting because coconuts have a tough exterior (I'm a wee bit of an introvert), but once you get 'em open they're soft and sweet.

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