May 31, 2012

May Madness Favorites

May has been a really fun month for us. We just wrapped up our May Madness new product launches -- a new product or two every week! I want to share a couple of my favorites with you. 

The Artisan Series Blanks live up to their name -- they are little pieces of artwork before you even start stamping on them. You can play up the whimsical shapes like the flowers and funky heart, or create a timeless pendant using the classic heart. I chose whimsy!

I also love knowing that these blanks can't be found anywhere else. That's right -- they're Beaducation originals! Lisa Niven Kelly worked directly with the manufacturer to bring these Artisan Series blanks to life. 
Which one is your favorite? 

These new Frames just launched on Tuesday. This the easiest way I know to dress up a circle blank. They add just the right amount of fancy without overpowering your stamped design. 

These are more than just prefabricated bezels. Lisa worked with the manufacturer to make sure they would fit our 5/8" and 7/8" circle blanks just right. 

And look! It's party in the front with the ornate design, and business in the back with three prongs to hold the blank in place. Our Product Manager Mel McCabe put together a product video that shows you exactly how they work, along with a fun little song. 

Mix and match your metals to create a one-of-a-kind pendant! These frames are selling fast, but don't worry if the ones you want sell out -- we've already placed another order!

Okay, your turn! Here is a list of everything we launched in May. It was madness, I tell you! Tell me which ones are your favorites!

                                                                                                               Solderable Accents
                                                                                                               Script Letter Charms

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Anonymous said...

Love those frames....what a great item to work into pieces....they look so versatile!