May 19, 2012

Honoring Our Armed Forces + Giveaway

Today is Armed Forces Day! Beaducation wishes to thank our military members for their patriotic service in support of our country. We are honored and humbled by all you do.

Just for fun, a few of us got busy in the Design Studio making military-inspired creations. As we were chatting, I realized I don't know much about the Armed Forces and how many people are serving our country. After finishing our projects, I got busy learning!

The history of the United States Armed Forces dates back to 1775 -- even before the Declaration of Independence was signed!

The five branches of the US Armed Forces are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

Military age is 17-62 years old. (Source)

The Army, Navy, and Air Force each used to have separate days of celebration. Armed Forces Day was first celebrated in 1950 in light of the unification of the Armed Forces under the Department of Defense.

Data from 2012 indicates 1,478,000 people on active duty in the military, with 310,000 in active duty overseas. (Source)

U.S. Armed Forces are stationed in 150 countries. (Source)

If you get the chance, be sure to thank a veteran or service member for his or her duty in protecting the United States. And if you're so inclined, this website provides opportunities to support the Armed Forces in your community. 

GIVEAWAY TIME! We'd like to give one lucky winner BOTH of the dog-tag-style stamped metal pendants that you see in the photo above. To enter to win, simply leave a comment letting us know 
who you thanked. If you are currently an active duty service member or veteran, let us know that for an automatic entry!


Wanda Maraki Anderson said...

I thank and pray for all of our men and women every day. I have 2 sons (Air Force-16 yrs, Navy-4 yrs and reenlisted yesterday for 6 more years), a foster son (Navy-5.5 yrs), 1 grandson (Air Force-2 yrs) and 1 grandson .5 yrs in the Marines! My Son in Law was just Honorably Discharged from the 82nd Army after 6 years. Take a look at my Facebook page for the pictures of my son's reenlistment. Just remember, if you can read this then thank a Teacher. If you can read this in English -THANK A SOLDIER!

Sandy_in_MD said...

Thank you for posting this - my son is currently in the Navy, stationed on a mountaintop in Afghanistan. We are all anxioiusly waiting for the day when he can return home to us. Thanks so much for the chance to win this giveaway.

Bless all of the troops, wherever they are serving, and thanks to them & their families for their sacrifice.

Holly said...

I thank my father for his service in the Army in WWII. He was stationed in Leyte and was involved in many battles. After the war he went on to become an involved citizen, an advocate for children and schools. He is a loving husband and father.

Carol Harry said...

My son is a Marine who served 2tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He and his buddies have always and continue to be in my prayers. I give thanks FOR their willingness to do what they do and I thank them every chance I get, including today!

Viki Banaszak said...

Those are so cool! I have my father, brother, and my ex to thank for the freedom they fought for.

Anonymous said...

This is really awesome that you are doing this.. There are so many people in my life to thank for serving our country, but today i would like to thank my 19 year old daughter who is currently serving in USAF. She has always had the desire to serve or country and others,she is tuely amazing and selfless, as are all the men and women that have served our country for us. Thank you to each and everyone of you.

Joan said...

I thank all men and women in the service....I lost my brother Eddie in the Korean war in 1951...he was only 22 and the best big brother a young girl could have had!!!!

ShadowBox Studios said...

I want to thank my grandfather who was in WWII, and he also met my grandmother after the war while stationed in Germany. He was an amazing person who everyone respected, and since his passing I have realized that he touched the lives of a lot of people, and those I've spoken to have told me some wonderful stories about him.

I also want to thank my wonderful husband who is an engineer in the Army National Guard. He always makes sure I have what I need before going to drill or training.

Nerissa Alford said...

You are so sweet to remember the Armed Forces. Thank you!
My husband is currently serving in the AF & my father in law is retired. Our family is currently stationed at the US Embassy Kuwait.
The necklaces are beautiful. I may have to make one :)