April 10, 2012

Fun At Work! Beaducation Design Challenge

You may have gotten the sense that we're a pretty creative bunch around here. And we like nothing more than when Lisa CHALLENGES us to create something!

That's right -- a Beaducation Design Challenge! Not everyone chose to participate, but those who did certainly found interesting ways to use the required materials:

The "rules" were that we were required to use each of the materials provided, but we could add additional materials as well. We had three weeks to complete the project and revealed our treasures during a take-out Thai lunch one day. What fun!

You can see below that the pieces everyone submitted are as different as each of us are. Some people even broke the materials into two projects! Everyone worked at their own level so the challenge (not competition!) was fun for our veteran jewelry designers and newbies alike.

(Click each photo to enlarge the image.)

Handmade jewelry is one thing, but one of our talented staff members turned those materials into John Lennon. Pretty amazing, eh? Everyone's jaws dropped when Jennifer P. revealed her creation. I love how she incorporated the key into his eyeglasses!

Can you identify all the techniques we used in our work? I spot 9 different methods at play!

We are already looking forward to the next design challenge, and we'll be sure to share our creativity with you!


Anonymous said...

how did yasmin cut out the keyhole?

Angie Simonsen said...

These are all great, and fantastically creative!!!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...
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Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

sorry, made a typo--
I wanted to say, Wow, Jennifer!!!

That truly is remarkable! We love Lennon

jean yates

Molly @ Beaducation said...

Here's the process for cutting the keyhole: Start by drawing an image of a key hole with your Sharpie, directly on to the copper blank. In the middle of the image, punch a hole using your hole punch pliers. With one side of your saw blade already attached to the frame, thread your saw blade into the hole, then secure the other end of your blade. Now you are ready to saw out your key hole image!

For detailed instructions, watch the FREE video "Sawing Your Own Metal Shapes": http://www.beaducation.com/vids/detail/149