April 12, 2012

Ask the Experts! Soldering

Remember our "Ask the Experts" series? We haven't posted a solution to any of your problems in awhile and it's time to remedy that. We're filming more solutions tomorrow! As a reminder, these videos can be found on our YouTube channel, but we know a lot of people are tuning in here as well.

Wanna know something? Ask the experts! Submit your question via email and we'll do our best to answer it.

In the meantime, here are two videos related to soldering that were posted to the Beaducation YouTube channel that you may have missed:

Is your torch hot enough?

Soldering Jump Rings


Elaine A said...

Thanks for the great info!

Elaine Allen

Alice said...

Thanks for the information! I notices you used a silver chain. Will this work with brass and copper as well?

Lisa Niven Kelly said...

Hi Alice. Which video are you referring too? Are you wondering about making a chain from soldered jump rings in brass or copper? Please respond back so we can better answer your question. Thanks ;)