April 19, 2012

Ask The Experts! Oxidizing Ready-Made Chain

Our experts are at it again! This time, we are responding to a customer question from Sarah in West Virginia related to oxidizing chain. Watch the video for the simple solution!

After watching the video, I wondered why you'd want or need to oxidize your chain. So I asked the expert -- Lisa! "Oxidizing chain is purely a design element; it just gives the chain an "older" look. I oxidize almost all my work so I like to have an oxidized chain to match it."

And here's a tip for any of you who are taking photos of your work to sell: oxidizing your chains will make them photograph better on a light background.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh! ENVY of the tool collection and the enormous amount of stamps!! A girl can dream, right?!

Cheers Gals,

Jen & Just A Little Charm

Maddie said...

Will this work for copper and liver of sulfur too? Thanks

Lisa Niven Kelly said...

HI Maddie. You can oxidize the copper chain in Liver of Sulfur but you will need to let it sit in a mixed up bath until it gets dark. Silver Black is instant but do not dip copper into your bottle. If you want to use Silver Black on your copper, dip a q-tip into the solution, put a bit of water on the q-tip to dilute it and swipe it onto your chain, rinse, dry and polish from there.

But, yes, copper works best with Liver of Sulfur. Let it soak until it turns dk grey, then rince, dry and polish.

Hope this helps!

contrast essay said...

Wow it is really good to hear that we can oxidize the copper chain in Liver of Sulfur...you have indeed ease out all our issues regarding chain oxidization...Helpful sharing!!!