April 24, 2012

April Showers Bring... Mother's Day!

There has been a lot of racket coming from the Design Studio, and you know what that means... The Beaducators have been makin' stuff! If you haven't started planning your Mother's Day projects, we can help! Check out these design ideas that are sure to inspire you:

I just love the cardigan buttons! What a whimsical addition to a favorite sweater (and a great conversation starter at the water cooler). Of course, there are many more design ideas on our website. Rings, bracelets, pendants -- we've got Mom covered!

These Script Letter Charms were JUST ADDED to our shop and they're a perfect accent to any Mother's Day masterpiece. 

Add them to a charm bracelet, personalize a pendant, or solder one into a blank. For soldering, you'll have to prep the charm first and we have a handy product video that will show you how (hint: it's as simple as cutting and filing).

New to soldering? Our Simple Soldered Pendants class is now FREE! Jewelry making gets more fun when you add a little fire to your projects!

Learning while having fun? We think Mom would be proud.

1 comment:

anna said...

I am going to have to make a blatant hint to my hubby that THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!!!!! It is so much more fun to get the gift of knowledge and time to do fun stuff! Thanks for the offer :)