March 20, 2012

What's Happenin' in the Design Studio?

The Design Studio here at is quite the hoppin' place. The music of hammers hitting metal sings from that room all day!  Every now and then I like to peek my head in and see what's going on.

Today when I headed back, I saw a fun and easy sample being made.  Our designers make samples for alternative product views, design ideas, classes and promotions. The whimsical pendant shown below was being made for an upcoming ad in Art Jewelry Magazine.  The focus of the ad is to encourage folks to design using metalsmithing techniques combined with metal stamping.  For this project, we kept it simple.

Here's how it's done (hint: follow the links to see products used and to view helpful videos):

Gather up the tools and materials:

Copper Jump Ring
Silver Filled Rectangle Blank
Copper Medium Flower Blank
Brass Eyelet
Dandelion & Fluff Design Stamp Set
Period Design Stamp
Kismet Lowercase, 2 mm Font Set
Riveting System
Get to work!
  1. Stamp away on both the Silver Filled Rectangle and on the Copper Flower.
  2. Oxidize and polish both pieces.
  3. Punch holes and rivet them together using the Riveting System and a Brass Eyelet.
  4. Add your jump ring and hang from a chain.

Have you ever combined riveting with metal stamping? Share photos your creations on our Facebook page!

1 comment:

Dzign by Jamie said...

I love this riveting system. It really gets my creative gears turning! And the design idea is very cute. Thanks for sharing :D