March 6, 2012

Quilt Love

We've got some crafty customers -- and they aren't just skilled jewelry makers. Check out the gorgeous QUILT two of our customers made us!

Debbie and Pam were visiting the San Francisco Bay Area for a quilting convention and decided to swing by Beaducation to do some shopping. They love shopping online with us and hoped to find a brick-and-mortal retail store. Doh! Unfortunately for them, we're an online retailer only.

Not wanting them to leave empty-handed, Lisa struck a deal with these talented ladies when they offered to make us a quilt -- metal stamping supplies in exchange!

This quilt is hand-made with so many things we love -- the color scheme that matches our new office perfectly, the spiral stitching design, and the perfect lettering. It's truly a masterpiece! We have the quilt hanging prominently in our break room so everyone can enjoy it throughout the day. It's like the wall was built for this quilt to hang on it.

Thank you for such a wonderful gift, Pam and Debbie!


Alice said...

Gorgeous! I love the beautiful color combination. I never learned to sew, and I'm always in awe of those who have mastered this craft.

shortseam said...

I really like the quilt!! Good Job!!

Debbie in Chico/Sacto said...

Thanks Lisa. Glad you are all enjoying it!

SalGal at Bright Ideas Jewelry said...

I would quit my job and take up stamping full time! Well, maybe not right away -- but that is my goal! I can't wait to play with these cool toys and make beautiful jewelry.

Debi said...

Do you have their information..I need help making a special quilt!

Molly @ Beaducation said...

@Debi - there are links to Debbie and Pam's personal websites in the post. Just click on their names!