March 27, 2012

Meet the Beaducators - Mindy Prabhu

Once again, it's time to Meet the Beaducators! Get to know a little more about the individuals who make things happen around here. 

Heeeeeere's Mindy Prabhu! Mindy is our website & graphic designer, as well as staff photographer. Mindy has worked at Beaducation for 4 years. In her tenure, she has definitely influenced the creative direction of the company. In a world of black, white, and gray, Mindy is a bright color wheel and we're lucky to have her. 

1. What is your favorite product and why? 

My current favorite products are the Snap Rivet Setter and Snap Rivets. Every product we sell passes through my office to be photographed and added to our website. The snap rivets and setter caught my attention because the tool itself has such a simple design and almost seems TOO simple, but it's essential for setting the rivets. I love that they need each other to be useful. Co-dependency isn't always a problem! I watched our free product video to learn how to use snap rivets and was immediately hooked!

2. How do you like to be creative in your free time? 

I am not happy unless I'm very busy, both at work and at home. Having two young kids has cut down on my crafting time quite a bit, but I've channeled my creative energy into decorating and organizing. Here's a look inside of my son's closet. I believe that being organized makes life less stressful and I also believe that even our slightly hidden spaces can be organized and fun to look at. Did I mention I'm a Virgo?

You will find me most nights curled up on the couch with my laptop catching up on emails, blogging, and just generally roaming the internet for new DIY projects or interesting articles. I am completely addicted to Pinterest and love having a clean visual reference of what inspires me.

3. If you were a food what would you be?

A Chai Tea Latte. A little bit of spice, but generally sweet.

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