March 13, 2012

It's NEW! It's FREE! Saw Your Own Metal Shapes

We love launching new classes, especially FREE ones! 

We predict this class to be a big problem solver for our customers. We get lots of questions about our metal blanks for stamping. Sometimes we don't have a specific shape or design that someone is looking for and we hate to let them down...

With Aisha Formanski's new class, you'll learn to saw your own metal shapes. Yes, really! In just 20 minutes, Aisha will teach you how to use templates (either paper or metal will work) and tracing techniques to saw and pierce your own designs.

If you've ever wondered what you would do with all the different kinds of patterned brass sheet metal, now you know! You'd cut your own shapes out of it! And just think of the fun silhouettes you could cut out of the anodized aluminum sheets.

If you can trace, you can saw your own metal shapes. It's that easy! 


Anonymous said...

HIII!!!! I wish with all my heart to win the stamping giveaway, I made some jewelry but this is an amazing start for a beginner,please chooooseee mmeeee.

Bandon, Oregon said...

Thanks so much for a chance to win. I am a beginner and want so much to learn how to saw, stamp, and have fun making simple jewelry and embellishments. I've enjoyed watching the videos and want to put it into practice. Thanks, Faith