February 15, 2012

Meet The Beaducators - Claudia Navarrete

Unless you’ve met us at a trade show or in-person class, chances are you don’t know much about the people behind Beaducation. No, we aren’t just a bunch of droids providing you with this top-notch content, quality materials, and personalized customer service!

Today’s post introduces a series called Meet the Beaducators where you’ll get to know a little more about the individuals who make things happen around here. 

Introducing our General Manager, Claudia Navarrete. Even I learned a few new things about Claudia during our interview!

What is your favorite Beaducation.com product and why?
I am crazy about our Beaducation Original Sugar Skull Design Stamp. Halloween and The Day of the Dead have always been my favorite holidays. As kids, my brother and I relished going to local haunted houses and the pumpkin patch, and our mom collected (actually, she still does collect) ornate witches.

I was happy when my son was born just before Halloween because many of his birthday parties have involved dressing up in costumes with his friends, which he loves as much as I do. Going to the Academy of Art University (focus on Animation and Visual Effects) gave me a chance to master my special effect make-up techniques, which I still use on my son for Halloween. Folks here at Beaducation surprised me when we moved offices by decorating my office in a Day of the Dead motif because they knew it was 'me.' They even painted it on my office window! The Sugar Skull Design Stamp is a symbol of all these fun festivities.

How do you like to be creative in your free time?
I've made jewelry for years, but now with an active 6-year-old I like to be creative in another way: dancing! I've always loved to dance, which really began watching MTV as a kid – and specifically emulating Michael Jackson in his dance videos. When Wii came out with its “Michael Jackson The Experience” dance game, it was a no brainer. My son and I love to turn it on and compete. The sad thing is that he can sometimes beat me! He must get those dancing genes from my side of the family (especially if you saw his father dance).

If you were a food what would you be?

I would be a Coke. Coke is fizzy, refreshing and gives you a boost when you need it. It packs a punch, yet is sweet and comes in a classic red. Everyone knows how I love the color red!

What is your favorite thing in your office and why?

Hmmm…my favorite thing… I LOVE EVERYTHING IN HERE!!! Ok, if I have to pick one thing I would have to say my lamp with my sugar skull wind chime. I love it because the lampshade is red (my favorite color). The lamp became mine when my fellow Beaducators decorated my office for my birthday and the wind chime was a gift from our Product Manager (Mel McCabe) from when we did our "Fall Foolery" secret gift exchange. I have the best view of it from my computer– I just look up and there it is.

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