February 9, 2012

Fun in Tucson!!!

What do you think of when someone mentions they're going to Tucson? Perhaps all that comes to mind is cacti and Wildcats... But not if you're in the jewelry making business!

A jewelry maker going to Tucson is like a kid going to Disneyland -- it's an event! And rightfully so. As the largest gem and mineral show in the United States, Tucson has become a mecca for jewelry makers from around the world. The entire metro area is transformed for two weeks every February, with various gem shows popping up in convention centers, hotel ballrooms and parking lots all over town. It is a chance for designers and shops to seek out what's new and exciting and, best of all, stock up!

Last week, our Education Lead Aisha and I headed to Tucson for the event. For the past 2 years, Beaducation has had a booth at the To Bead True Blue show but this year we decided to focus on networking and SHOPPING.  We got to visit with some of our favorite vendors and find some intriguing and fabulous goodies. Like fish leather. (Yeah, that's right, I said fish leather!) The fine folks at Interweave threw a great party where we were able to relax and giggle with many of our Beaducation faculty members and friends.

Here is a video of our adventures in Tucson... 4 minutes of fun!

We never did get that darn cork out!

A special thanks to the few vendors who danced for us. The ladies were quick to bust a move, no need to ask them twice.  The men... not so much!
Dakota Stones
Jess Imports
Art by Amy
Green Girl Studios - Andrew was unwilling to dance, but we have mad love for him anyhow!

Have you ever been to the event in Tucson? What did you think?


Lorelei Eurto said...

this was super fun to watch. thanks for sharing! I woulda boogied with ya, had I been there.

1moodychic said...

It looks like you had sooooo much fun. I have never been.....yet!!

Charlee said...

Fabulous! What a fun time - thanks so much for posting the video. One of these days, I am not only going to the bead mecca of the universe, I am going armed with cash and beaucoup empty bags.

Heather said...

I've been to the Gem show several times! (Used to live in Tucson) I always loved it!