January 31, 2012


Did you know that we post new specials every 2 weeks on our site!  The specials typically change at the beginning of the month and mid month. You can find them by clicking on the "SALE" button in the top navigation bar.

We have had a few questions regarding our specials so I thought we would answer them here.

How do you pick your specials?
Sometimes we pick by theme.  For example, all our current specials have a hearts/Valentine theme.  Sometimes we have left over stock from a show which might be put on special.  Often we even order product just for the specials.  So we aren't just putting "dogs" on sale, we put up some good stuff too!

Why are there only nine products on special in each batch?
Nine products fit very well on one page on our site (pretty scientific huh?), but sometimes we get crazy and put more than nine up.

The moral of the story is, keep an eye on those specials! You never know what will show up, but most likely, it will be goooooood.

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