January 25, 2012

BeadDreams, Bead&Button and Beaducation, Part 3

Last week we met Vanessa and Omniobadiah, the first and second place winners in the 2011 BeadDreams Competition. Today, in our final BeadDreams winners post, we hear from third place winner, Stephanie EddyStephanie has been a jewelry designer for 40-plus years. She's involved in all aspects of bead and jewelry design, from teaching at trade shows, bead stores and bead societies across the U.S., to creating designer quality jewelry kits and tools. Stephanie was one of the first bead artists to incorporate and advocate "component design" as a teaching method. In 2009 she branched out into wire work design following the creation of her patented Lazee Daizee Viking Knit all-in-one tool.

Here is what Stephanie had to say about her 3rd place piece. “Omnificent Exotica is my no holds barred study and exploration into the Viking Knit weave. It is a very versatile weaving technique that adapts and compliments other techniques quite well. It started with an experiment to see if I could work with and blend multiples wires to achieve a blended, variegated effect . From there it expanded into freeform technique that was adapted into an exotic floral theme."
Omnificent Exotica by Stephanie Eddy
Here is a design process tip from Stephanie: "Always question your methods and technique. Just because 'It’s always been done this way' doesn’t mean that’s the limit. Never limit yourself and seek to experiment and explore what is common."
Goddess of the Forest by Stephanie Eddy
Stephanie continues, "I entered the BeadDreams competition because I find that sometimes I need the challenge and deadline scenario to make myself focus on a single fulfilling project. It forces me to push the envelope from experimentation to realization."

Stephanie, we absolutley love what you have created. Your exploration of Viking Knit is nothing shy of brilliant. To learn more about Stephanie's design, classes, kits and Lazee Daizee tool visit her site.


Jeanette said...

Those are just flipping awesome!!!

Maryanne said...

I love Stephanie's work! Her work is spectacular! I have her Lazee Daisee tool and I love it. It makes Viking Knit so easy to accomplish.