December 13, 2011

Why You'll Love Round Head Rivets

Brass Round Head Rivets
We love our Solid Round Head Rivets and know that you will too for so many reasons. Did you know you can use the smaller side of the Screw Down Hole Punch to create the hole for them? It doesn't get easier and less expensive than that!

These rivets come in a gold tone and a silver tone since we offer them in Brass and Aluminum. The best part about Brass and Aluminum Rivets is that they are not sold at Sterling or Gold prices! You can hammer them so they retain their dome head shape like the gorgeous sample to the left created by our own Aisha Formanski.

Riveted Wings Design Idea
The most exciting reason to start riveting with our Round Head Rivets is the fact that you can stamp on these guys too!

Check out yet another Formanski original to the right. She has used our fabulous Silver Filled Wing Blanks, riveted them to our Copper Large Puffy Heart and then stamped right on our Round Head Aluminum Rivets with a Star Design Stamp!

Click out our new Product Video for Stamping on Round Heaad Rivets and our Director of Education, Kate Richbourg will show you just how easy it can be!

If you don't love Round Head Rivets for all these reasons, you may just have others, because there is no telling how popular these little puppies are going to be. Right now, we just love them!

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