December 1, 2011

A new class and mixin' it up!

When we launch a new class, I like to take a moment and really make sure that I understand the technique so if there are any questions I will have them covered.
Well, with the latest launch of our FREE Collage Stamping Online Video Class, I took more than a moment to cement the technique in my brain... actually, I took 30 moments, to be exact and whipped up this ring.

Not only did I use Danelle Street's fantastic techniques from her class as inspiration, I also mixed in techniques from some of our other online video classes including Riveted RingMetal Fold Forming and Hammered Textured Metal. I even threw in a little soldering fun from my Introduction to Soldering class.

The soldering was an unexpected addition. I know that small soldered blank looks cute and whimsical, but it is actually covering up a stamping mistake!

I originally wanted the Bird in Flight and Birdcage on the large 1" Copper Circle. So I stamped 'em, goofed, and wept. Then I made lemons out of lemonade. Everything else on the disc looked great, so I stamped a 1/2" Copper Circle with my design and soldered it securely in place with Soft Paste Solder to cover up my unsightly mistake.

After soldering, I dapped the soldered blank slightly in the Wooden Dapping Block with the Plastic Mallet.

Then, I textured the prefabricated ring band with the Fretz Small Embossing Hammer and the Fretz Riveting Hammer.

Instead of using more traditional oxidizing methods for the metal, I used the heat patina tricks in the Metal Fold Forming class on the blank and the band. I polished them up with a Pro Polish Pad and sealed both with Renaissance Wax

Then as a final step, I used a sterling Nail Head Rivet to connect the two pieces together.

I really love how it came out. Sometimes you just have to mix up your techniques, go with the flow and let your creativity fly free! Click on over and let our new FREE Collage Stamping Online Video Class inspire you!

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KayzKreationz said...

I love it. I'll check out the new class. But I'm also waiting to get some money saved and time so I can take Kim's Metal Form Folding class. I really enjoy her classes.