December 20, 2011

New Beaducation Original Design Stamps are here!

Our Newest Design Stamps are here!

We are always designing new Beaducation Original Design Stamps, but sometimes these guys take quite awhile before we actually see the finished product. Often we will receive a prototype and Lisa will scrutinize over the shape of an eye on an owl or whether or not that tree's twig is too close to the main branch to stamp correctly. She does this because she wants our stamps to be perfect and really cares about the end result.

When our final stamps finally arrive in our warehouse the twelve of us at Beaducation all gather around, wipe away the oil from the shanks and "Oooooo" and "Aaaahhhhhh" with excitement. Then we run to the Creative Space and practice stamping them out. Then we "Oooooooo" and "Aaaaahhhhh" some more. We hope you love our Love Bird Set in 3mm, Love Bird Set in 5mm, Magic Wand, Sleepy Owl, Squirrel, Deer, Tree and Strawberry as much as we do.

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