November 10, 2011

Riveting Metal Blanks

I know. Kind of a generic title, huh? But these three words open the door to a whole realm of possibilities.

Sometimes a little tweak on a tried and true technique can produce exciting results. My tried and true was incorporating the techniques in our Riveted Bracelet online video class and mixing in some of our new products to give it a fresh look.

Here is instructor Kriss Silva's bracelet from class.  Isn't it pretty?

Here is my take.....

I used our Copper Large 8 Petal Flower for the focal blanks in the design. I used our Texture Hammer with 9 Interchangeable Faces instead of Design Stamps to texture the blanks. I added a bit more flair by adding a Sterling Silver Solid Nail Head Rivet to the center of each one.
Then I curved each blank slightly using the Dapping Block. For the special blank in the center that features our Crystal Snap Rivet, I curved the blank first, then added the rivet.

Instead of making my own rivets out of wire to link the components together, I continued to use our nail head rivets. They held the wire connectors in place perfectly, just make sure you make the inside loops of the spirals very small (that will make more sense when you see the class).

Finally I added some of our new chain to turn the whole thing into a necklace. Wait, WHAT??? New chain??? Yep. I secretly raided our new stash that is waiting patiently to be added to the Shop. You'll see it soon. (And boy, is it pretty!)

I used these jump rings and this clasp to connect the clasp and chain.

If you haven't taken the Riveted Bracelet class, I hope you'll try it out. I loved using the techniques from this class as a starting point for my new necklace. As an added bonus, the class is on SPECIAL through November 22.

I can't wait to see what you make!

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