October 4, 2011

We're Shaping Up!

If you haven't checked out our New Products section this week at Beaducation, it's high time you did because we are shapin' up! We have so many new blank shapes it's mind-boggling!

I think our two most exciting are our new Banner and Wing because not only are they trendy and hip, but they are exclusive designs to Beaducation alone! We are carrying them in five different metals: Sterling Silver, Silver Filled, Gold Filled, Copper and Brass. You will not find them anywhere else!

I am also just crazy about our new Triangle Flags. Beaducation has always had circles and squares, so how have we survived so long without triangles? My sister, TOM McCabe gave me this idea when she was cutting some triangles out of sheet to create a cute bunting necklace. Well, we drew a little triangle the same size, sent it to our manufacturer and now we have flags to stamp on!

Check out how our Beaducation Educator, Aisha Formanski stamped these brass triangle flags with our Fancy Uppercase Letter Stamp Set and Heart Spiral Design Stamp for this charming 'Rocco Loves Danelle' necklace. She used the i from the Economy Block Uppercase Letter Set to create the lines around the triangles. Pretty creative, eh?

We are anticipating the popularity of our Lightning Bolt and Cowboy Boot as well. Lightning bolts are all the rage. Check out Aisha's 'Team Lightning Bolts' soccer necklace she made to the right. She used our Soccer Ball Design Stamp, Uppercase Perfect Penmanship Letter Stamp Set and Star Design Stamp. These come in four different metals: Sterling Silver, Silver Filled, Copper and Brass.

We know our new Dolphin blanks will be favorites for our customers in Hawaii as well as all you ocean-lovers and surfers out there. Since we have added all these new shapes in Brass, Copper and Silver Filled not only are they fun and new, but they are affordable too! So we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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