October 11, 2011

Adding Bling to your Blank!

I haven't been this excited about a new product, since our new blank shapes. Ok, that might have been just last week, but I can't help it! We are just getting in so many exciting things here at Beaducation! In reality, our new snap rivets are so much fun because they are so easy! On top of their simplicity, they add color to your blank.

I don't know about you, but I adore color! Since we put them online, Yasmin Perez (our inventory dynamo) cannot open the boxes fast enough and is acquiring calluses from counting and packaging so many! But we are not complaining. In fact, we love how popular they are becoming!

These rivets can be used to snap two pieces of metal together, to add a little color to your blank or as a birthstone accent! Above, you can see where we took our friend Jenn and snapped an 'amethyst' Light Purple Crystal Snap Rivet to the piece for her birthday (born in February).

You need to create a 5/32" hole for these rivets. This is a little smaller than 4mm. You can create this hole with our Power Punch Pliers. You then hammer the rivet down with our Snap Rivet Setter and  Plastic Mallet on top of a Bench Block.

You can see Aisha Formanski (Beaducation Educator) demonstrate this technique in our Snap Rivets Product Video.

Our Nickel Plated Plain Snap Rivets are pretty snazzy too! They are for folks who may not want to add bling, but still want an easy way to cold connect two pieces of metal together.

They have been flying out the door. We sold out of these puppies almost as fast as the iPhone 4S. Don't fret though, because we have more coming in this week. We will all be helping Yazmin package these lil' gems just so you will be able to order more.

Stay tuned because we are adding more product each week including more rivets. It is a Rivet Revolution and Beaducation is proud to be leading the way!


KayzKreationz said...

They both look great. I hadn't seen these on your site yet, so will be checking them out.

Women's Fashion Jewelry said...

It looks great