September 22, 2011

Stampin' and Campin'

Last May, my family made our annual journey to the Strawberry Music Festival.  Camp was great, music was fabulous, the weather....not so much (it snowed on us a bit!).

When the sun popped out, out came the tools and I stamped about 50 pendants for the folks in our camp (using Nickel Discs and Nickel Chain).  I have discovered my new all-time favorite place to stamp....ON A STUMP!

My goodness, I have never had such a successful stamping session.  The resistance from ol' Mother Nature was perfect.  No wobbly table, no bounce back, just a strong stable foundation from deep in the Earth.  It also helped that I was using a high quality Beaducation Original Stamp Set :)


KayzKreationz said...

I'll bet everyone had a ball either watching, helping, giving advice :) or whatever. And I bet they really enjoyed the stamps you made and gave them.

CS said...

Love the pictures and the story!
Stampin on a stump...perfect!!

Sandy said...

I have a stump in my studio! I kept a chunk of the cottonwood tree we had to take down. It's the best for pounding away on!