September 30, 2011

Soldering a Jump Ring Made Easy!

Hi Gang!

Okay get ready for your stamped jewelry to jump to a new level. I'll bet this has happened to you. (It's certainly happened to me!) You have made the best stamped pendant EVER. You add it to a chain and whoops, the jump ring has opened and your pretty pendant is MIA. (BTW...Oval Jump Rings help a lot with that issue, try 'em. They really work well.)

What's a jewelry maker to do? You want to produce sturdy jewelry with soldered jump rings, but wielding a torch is just SCARY, or intimidating, or maybe you have tried soldering a couple of times but it just doesn't work.

How to solder jump rings onto stamped blanks is one of our most often-asked questions from our customers. Although we have a wealth of soldering classes on our website (like Introduction to Soldering, Simple Soldered Pendants and Soldered Rim Pendant and a FREE Torch Safety Talk) we thought that this was such valuable information that we just HAD to make it a FREE class.  Just launched this week and ready for you to watch is our FREE Soldered Jump Rings class.

Learn how simple and easy it is to use paste solder and a butane torch to solidly solder rings to your pendants.

Check out that action shot from the class. Just like you have come to expect from Beaducation Online Video Classes, this one is filmed up close in detail and goes through the process step-by-step.

There is also a bonus step at the end of the video that shows how to link jump rings together to make a simple chain.

Jump ring soldered to Ball Chain (sold by the inch)
But just like an infomercial THAT'S NOT ALL! While I was preparing for this post, our customer service department got an email inquiring about soldering jump rings to sterling silver ball chain that is sold by the inch. This class is the perfect tutorial for that technique as well. I made a sample just this morning so we could photograph it for you so you could see how it looks.

Sterling jump ring soldered
to a  Silver Filled Blank.
See how the closed jump ring just butts up against the chain? Make sure two are touching, add the paste solder to the join, heat with the torch and TAHDAH! Your jump ring is soldered in place. You can make a finished chain any length you wish. And check out the clasp...yep, it's soldered on with a closed jump ring.

And one final tip. Yes, you can solder a jump ring through a hole on a silver filled blank. The heart in the picture to the left is silver filled and I soldered a 20-gauge jump ring to connect it to the circle and a second one to the top hole in the circle. It's pickled, oxidized, polished and ready to go on a chain. Just one word of caution, when adding a ring to a silver filled blank, focus the torch on the sterling jump ring and avoid directly heating the blank so you don't burn through the silver filled surface.

Have fun!


peggy gatto said...

Some great info!!!!!!!
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christine @ {simple starfish} said...

Oh that email was from ME! Thank you!