September 27, 2011

Keep Kids Creative Week

Lucy and Izzy pointing at their mom's book in
the book store.
Did you know that it's 'Keep Kids Creative Week?' It's the week we celebrate the imagination of children! We know it is hard to find the time between work, meetings, car-pool, home businesses, grocery shopping and taking care of everything to sit down and help your kids be creative, but this week is a great reminder to try and do just that.

I had the chance to sit down with Lisa Niven Kelly's daughters, Izzy and Lucy (just for 30 minutes) to create some jewelry and guess what? We had a great time!

Izzy's Painting

It might not surprise you that Lisa Niven Kelly has two mighty creative kids. Izzy is a painter and Lucy loves drawing, sculpture and wire (of course). To the right you can see one of Izzy's amazing paintings.

Lucy is the 'engineering type' just like her Dad. She can often be found at her desk here at Beaducation, replicating a miniature office of Lisa's out of business cards or creating paper laptops for the crew here. When she saw that her mom had some business cards with our old address on them, she decided to recycle them in the artsy way you see below.

Lucy's replication of Lisa's office made with business cards!
These are pretty talented kids, so I had very little work cut out for me when I asked if they wanted to make some pendants using our colorful anodized aluminum blanks and our Complete Engraver Tool Set.

We sat down at the kitchen table and Izzy and Lucy each drew out some designs on 3 x 3 pieces of copper sheet with Sharpies. They drew stars, hearts, peace signs, banners with their names in them and aliens. I taped the copper sheets with blue painter's tape to the kitchen table so they wouldn't slide around and they each tried out the Engraver.

It was super easy for them (even Lucy who is only 8!). They felt so successful that they were ready for the actual pendants. They wrote their names on red anodized aluminum blanks with little images below their names (again with their Sharpies). Izzy drew a little acorn and Lucy drew a happy face.

We polished the Sharpie off of Izzy's blank with a pro polish pad, but Lucy liked the look of the black behind the engraved letters so we left it on. I think they both look great. Lucy liked her's so much that she made ones for Katie and Kendall, her two best friends. I punched a hole in each pendant with our hole punch pliers and added jump rings so they could add them to chain or attach them to their backpacks.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless with Kid's Creative Week. You are reading this because you like making jewelry and your kids are part of you, so chances are they may like making jewelry too! Next time you sit down to stamp and create, grab a chair for your little one (even if it means they draw out what they want to stamp and you stamp it for them). Let your imaginations soar.

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Sarah Sequins said...

Keep Kids Creative Week is a wonderful idea. Looking back, I'm so glad that I had mentors and family members who encouraged my creativity. My older sister taught me to embroider beads on leather when I was about 10 years old, and it's a skill I've maintained to this day.

I'm excited because this winter my niece will finally be old enough to start learning to bead. I plan to put together a kit for her full of colorful beads. She's already very creative, so I think she'll like it. :)

-- Sarah