September 13, 2011

Beaducators tell you about their favorite tools!

Ever since Beaducation's Engraver Tool Set was unpacked from its box, it quickly became my favorite tool of choice. I sure love to stamp, but to be able to add embellishment to the edges of my stamped blanks and draw whatever comes to mind on a piece of sterling or anodized aluminum is so much fun! It had me wondering, 'What tools do my fellow staff members hold closely to their own hearts?' I decided to ask each of them and find out.

 Our Feisty General Manager, Claudia Navarrete was quick to answer, "The Hole Punch Pliers! I work almost exclusively with 20 gauge blanks or thinner, so they are the quickest and easiest way to punch a hole through my blanks. In a matter of seconds, my hole is punched. It's like a dream!"

Our Customer Service Queen, Lora Curran knew right away that her favorite tool is the, "Sliding Millimeter Gauge. I find myself using this tool daily when customers are asking which font size will work best with a certain size blank. It is tough to eyeball the difference between 2mm and 3mm, but with this handy lil' gauge, there's no guess work at all."

Jenn Wilson, our Sassy Shipping Lead, immediately answered with, "The 2 Pound Brass  Head Mallet. I like it because it does all the work for you. It's packed with power. There isn't a design stamp I can't master with this puppy in my hand. The 2-pounder and the Tilt and Tap method is all you need to impress every crevice of each design into your metal!" 

Our Director of Education, the Fabulous Kate Richbourg, answered, "The Large Diamond Files, Set of 5. I have always had a set of these because they are so multi-directional. You can use them wet or dry, for PMC or metal. They are the perfect shape and they last forever. The vendor I purchased my original set from went out of business so I sent the set to a new vendor who made them to my exact specifications and now they are available for everyone to enjoy!"

Inventory Team Member, Yasmin Perez (we call her the Countess) had to think for awhile, since she is a skilled metalsmither who uses so many of our tools. She finally settled on "The Fat Daddy Cutters. Regardless of what gauge wire I am working with, I can always reach for the Fat Daddys to get the job done."

Our Inventory Lead, Danelle Street (a.k.a. The Ravishing Riveter) said, "I'm nuts about all of the Fretz Hammers. They really are little works of art with their precision-milled heads and the Padauk wooden handles. You just feel special when you use them. What Lamborghini is to cars and Rolex is to watches, Fretz is to hammers!" 

Our CEO and Fearless Leader, Lisa Kelly, said, "My favorite tool is and will always be the Tronex RAZOR Flush Cutter- Long Handle, #7223. I can't live without them. They flush cut and are like razors at the edge. I have cut up to 14 gauge with these, but like to keep it to 18 gauge and smaller to preserve their sharpness. If I need to cut an occasional thicker wire, I just make sure to use the back of the cutter (towards the joint) to preserve that precious sharp tip. The are made in the USA and indispensable!" 

So there you have it. These are the Beaducators favorite tools. What is your favorite tool and why? We'd love to know. 

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KayzKreationz said...

There's some great tools there. I'm not sure what my favorite tool would be. Although I just got a disc cutter for my class I took at Beaducation from Kim St. Jean, and I really like that right now.