August 9, 2011

We are the Riveters!

Did you know riveting is becoming one of the fastest growing jewelry techniques today? has just added a whole new Riveting Tools and Supplies Category to its shop page.

To the left, you can see where Beaducation's Aisha Formanski has riveted a piece of sawed brass sheet to a piece of sawed silver filled sheet to create this fabulous cloud pendant. She showed me how she did it and I have to say, she made it look easy!

If you want to see how it's done, check out our new FREE Riveting with Nail Head Rivets product video. Also, take a look at how to rivet with our Riveting System. Beaducation offers a tremendous FREE Riveting System product video as well.
Tubular rivet

Our new RIVETS category breaks our Rivets down into Solid Nail Head Rivets and Tubular Rivets. The Solid Nail Head Rivets are not designed to work with the Riveting System. They work wonderfully with a Riveting Hammer. Our Tubular Rivets have been designed to work with the Riveting System. They are pictured to the right. You can see why they are called tubular as they are hollow on the inside like tube. They can also be used without the Riveting System with just a center punch and a light hammer.

Solid Nail Head Rivets
To the left, you can see some of our Solid Nail Head Rivets. They are solid all the way through and therefore do not work with the Riveting System. Our rivets now come in sterling silver, brass, copper and aluminum. The metal colors are limitless for any and all of your projects! 

One of the many advantages to riveting is there is no mess, no glue, no solder, no clean up, no heat, no butane and no torch! You can cold connect any metal pieces together with a riveting hammer, a bench block, a cutter and a rivet! Watch the video because it is as easy as 1-2-3!

Riveting is pure instant gratification and looks so funky, industrial and perfect! Once you learn the basics with our Free Product Demos and are hooked, the next step is our Introduction to Riveting Class with Beaducation's very own Kate Richbourg. This class is available online and now on DVD as well! So get with the program and start riveting! Rosie ain't got nothin' on Beaducation! Before you know it, you will be Riveting Amulets, Rock Band rings, and bracelets.

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