July 1, 2011

Winner of $100 Gift Certificate and funny caption giveaway.

It's time for our $100 giveaway. The Random Number Generator has chosen blog follower #403, Bonnie Kreger.  Woooo Bonnie!  I noticed on  Bonnie's profile that she is a Leo, which means she has a birthday coming up - perfect timing.  

Now for our Design Stamp winner from this blog post.  We voted and the comment that got the most giggles (although there are A LOT of funny ones) was Tracy with, "So you're telling me, two raw eggs a day to get pecs like that?" I am also tossing Denise Griffith a Design Stamp because she is the only one who correctly guessed where I was....Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway (which was absolutely gorgeous - I could have stayed there for days!).  Congratulations Tracy, Denise and Bonnie! Check your email for a message from me.

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