July 19, 2011

What our Customers Love about Lisa's Book

Learn to Rivet

We get calls all the time from beginning stampers and veterans alike, asking us, "Is the book really great? Do you think I should buy it?" This is always the easiest question because we have never had a single person underwhelmed by Stamped Metal Jewelry. In fact, most book owners call us to tell us their favorite of the 19 projects or to tell us they loved the 33 minute included DVD .

One customer mentioned that she was inspired  by collage stamping and now she is making her Christmas cards this year out of metal sheet and collaging a whole forest scene with birds and clouds and a moon.

One of my favorite pieces in the gallery
is this Flower Power Pendant
by Lori Ramotar.

Our customers tell us they think Stamped Metal Jewelry is such eye candy because not only are Lisa's designs and instructions so fun and easy to follow, but she also asked many of her fellow artists to contribute to the book. Six of the book's stamping projects are taught by other world-renowned jewelry instructors as well as awe-inspiring gallery pieces from other talented contributors.

Simply Stamped
So if you readers are still wondering why you should pick up Lisa's bestseller, we'll ask you, "What other book teaches you how to cut your own bails from sheet and rivet them to your blanks, wire wrap your blanks together to make stamped riveted earrings, stamp and wire wrap bezel wire around a focal bead to create a  stamped pendant and stamp and dap your own bead caps?"

We hope you keep calling us to let us know your favorite project and of course telling us how you have added your own creativity to the mix. That is what makes it so exciting to work here.  It is so fun to hear how creative you all can be!  If you were particularly inspired by a piece in the book, we would love to hear about it below in the comments section :)


PennI Pops said...

I love EVERYTHING!!!!! A big thank you to Crafting Chicks for posting your link! Blessings! Penni x

Michele V. said...

I am in LOVE with the hand-stamped jewelry! It is a completely new idea for me. I saw you on Crafty Chicks and I'm wondering how I can subscribe to your blog.

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