June 21, 2011

Our Stamping Landing Page has Arrived!

We get so many questions each day from new stampers and have envisioned a place we can direct them toward for all the answers. Now that place is here: Our New Stamping Landing Page!

We are often surprised when we first talk with a new stamper that he or she hasn't watched Lisa's FREE Stamping on Metal Video or her Stamping Design Ideas video. So the first Step on our Landing page has links to both these great FREE videos. The next question we receive is, "What do I need to start stamping?" We now have the link to our Beginning Stamping Checklist, which lists each item necessary to begin. 

Everyone seems to want to know, "How many letters will fit on a blank?" This handy chart to the right is part of Step 2 on the Landing page. This is shown with our 3/32" font size. If you are wondering about the other sizes, look to the right and see our chart from Step 3. This magenta block demonstrates how many letters will fit across a one-inch space.

In Step 4, we have a link to our free pdf of our Tilt and Tap method for getting a great impression with your trickier design stamps. We have even added a new link to 'Great Beginner Design Stamps' so those of you who are just starting out will be able to have instant gratification with your designs.

Our 'Finishing Touches and More Inspiration' section on the Landing Page, links you to four free product videos: Oxidizing, Polishing, Punching a Hole and Adding a Jump Ring.

Our Design Ideas link at the bottom of the page will give you to all the inspiration you need to take your designs to the next level.

So that's our Stamping Landing Page. We are all pretty excited about its debut and can't wait to hear your feedback. Keep stamping!


Connie said...

Just want to say I really love Beaducation's web site and blog. I am looking forward to taking classes through Beaducation. I just have to finish my current projects before heading on to new. Thanks for all your great work!!

Alice said...

What a great idea to have everything available in one place!