June 3, 2011

Our New Home

So back in December of last year, we hit a tipping point. I think it was the day that we packed 4 Beaducation employees and their desks into a 15' x 15' office. It was either that or someone was going to have to work out of the bathroom and that just didn't seem feasible. (The thought DID cross our minds.) That's when we realized that we needed a new home.

So Lisa started looking. And looking. We met with all kinds of "commercial property brokers" who showed us all kinds of "industrial complexes." It was kind of like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears; everything was too small or too large. To make matters worse, we didn't even get a porridge snack when we were done looking.

Then kind of like the prince that rides in on his white horse to save the day, we met our new broker, Brian. (Except his horse was a late-model BMW and he had really nice dress shoes.)

Brian was in the game from the start. He knew that the Beaducators didn't want to set up shop in an "industrial complex." We yearned for wide open spaces, or at least an office where we didn't have to have a private meeting along with a sink and toilet.

The rest of the story went like this:

(Ring-ring Ring-ring) "This is Lisa..."

"Hi, Lisa, Brian here. Hey I've got an interesting property to show you. It's going to require a lot of imagination. A LOT OF IMAGINATION, but I think you should take a look at it."

So Lisa, Kate, Mindy and Claudia piled in the Beadyo mobile (I'm serious) and made a beeline for Brian and his "fixer-upper."

'Fix-er upper' was a polite way of saying "Oh, my gosh, this place is a real dump." We may have actually uttered those very words, but instead of "dump" we used something much more colorful.

It was a large free-standing building that looked like it had survived the Zombie Apocalypse, but just barely. We weren't sure whether to laugh or cry, and we may have done a little of both. We left swearing never to return.

After another month of dashed hopes and touring every available vacant property for miles around, Brian asked Lisa to give the Zombie place another look-see.

The new owners had cleaned and hauled and removed and lo and behold...there was our new space. Big offices, light, space, five bathrooms that did not have to double as meeting areas and best of all (in my opinion) a perfect room to shoot our online classes.

Mind you, it still needed some work, some love, and some new carpet and paint. (Not to mention a bit of remodeling, but this place was a PALACE compared to what it was before.)

So Lisa jumped in and her staff jumped with her. We jumped into our beautiful new home. Are you wondering what it's like to move an entire office in one weekend???? We'll show you...

 Angela moving in the main room.

 Four file cabinets down, two to go!

 That printer is NOT going to get the best of Lisa.

 Mel takes care of customer service questions AND packs her desk at the same time.

 Kris G packing inventory one rolling cart at a time.

 Orders still went out!

 A quick hydration break.

 Gettin' there.

 Lisa's going on a lunch run.

 The inventory racks are ready to go.

 Poor old empty studio.

 Empty main room. With just the logo and chandelier as a reminder.

We made it! Everything moved safely and we are so happy in our new home. Lisa is going to take the rest of the story from here in a future post and show you our new home in all its glory. But before I sign off, I'll leave you with this last picture.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Tabitha said...

NICE! Enjoy the new digs!!

Createology said...

Very exciting! This is a challenge Beaducation can definitely handle!! Happy decorating...