June 29, 2011

Copper Puzzle Pieces, Brass Guitar Picks and a Brand New DVD!

So many new things are happening this week at Beaducation. I think our most exciting news is the launch of our Soldered Rim Pendant Class with one of our favorite Beaducators and Director of Education, Kate Richbourg. At Bead&Button this was the most talked about sample on our Sample Board, because these pendants are so finished and lovely looking. Who doesn't want to create their own little frame around their blank?

Everyone kept asking us, "When is that class coming out?" Well here it is! The news gets even better when you find out that we are also offering this class on DVD. The Simple Soldered and Soldered Rim Pendant DVD is actually two classes, so you just can't beat that.

Our new brass guitar pick!
The other fun news is that many of our favorite blanks are now in brass and copper! We can hardly contain ourselves. We thought silver filled blanks were the cat's meow and now you can pair them with copper and brass for looks that are affordable and chic!

Our new copper puzzle piece!
Check out our whole brass blanks category to see its newest items, including the guitar pick, dog tag, puzzle piece, puffy heart, 8 petal flower and many more.

The great thing about brass is that polished up, it looks so much like gold or you can let the elements have their way with it to give it an antiqued look. In order to preserve the polished brass look, be sure to store your brass pieces with a few of our Anti-tarnish Tabs or use a little Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnishing and keep your piece safe from the elements.

Lastly, our enthusiasm is saved for our new copper blanks: the puzzle piece, the copper rectangle component (great for bracelets) and another guitar pick - so the musician in your family can have one in silver, brass and copper! We just love giving you affordable alternatives for your projects and the ability to mix metals for funky fun styles.

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KayzKreationz said...

I love the sound of this new class/DVD. Would be great to take.
And the new blanks, especially the copper ones (love copper)look great. Love the puzzle piece and the guitar pick.

substitutionqueen said...

the stamp giveaway has me so excited! I'd like the whackadoodle lower case if I win!!


SVincent said...

Guitar picks these days are becoming versatile. Not only is it used by musicians but it has now spilled over even in the realm of jewelry or accessories. I have even seen
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