May 5, 2011

Metal Fold Forming Class and New Jewelry Classes on DVD!!!!!

We are so excited, pleased and proud to let you all in on a secret that we have been working on for the past few months.
(The trumpet fanfare plays here!)

We would like to announce the upcoming release of our most popular classes on DVD. That's right. Starting soon you'll be able to choose select classes in two formats. Watch in our regular online video player or you can choose to purchase the class on DVD and have it sent to your house.

Each DVD class is formatted in the same manner as the corresponding online class at  The lesson is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Technique demonstrations are filmed up close and in detail, so students have the best seat in the house to watch the action.

The DVD includes a printable handout and have supplementary FREE classes from the Beaducation website that provide tips and tricks on various prerequisites for the technique demonstrated.

We'll let you know all of the titles that we have coming up soon, but we have one class available for pre-order today.
We know that you all have been eagerly awaiting the release of the classes that we filmed with Instructor Kim St. Jean a while back. Well, the first of the bunch is here, Metal Fold Forming. You can purchase it as the online class now, or we are also taking pre sale orders for the DVD. It will ship around May 31.

Let us know what you think. Do you like having a class on DVD to watch on your computer or on your TV? Not every Beaducation class will have a DVD, but let us know what classes you might like to see in that format.

More details soon!


Nicole said...

Oooo I've been wanting to learn how to do that!!!

KayzKreationz said...

I like having my classes on DVD better. I have limited internet and it's hard to be able to watch my classes over and over again online. I always have to ask my hubby if we have enough internet left to be able to watch them. So would we be able to request classes we've already purchased to be sent as DVD's so as to have that ability with them also? I only have 2 classes so far, but would love to be able to either download them or have them on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Nice! downloading would be great.