May 10, 2011

The Hand-Casted Copper Craze is Coming!

Do you already love our silver Artisan series blanks, but are looking for an alternative metal? Check out our Copper Artisan Blanks! Maybe you are new to the Artisan series entirely? Well, let me tell you why they are so fabulous.

 Each Artisan blank, in sterling, brass, or copper, is individually cast. This gives them a hand-crafted quality that makes each blank look truly unique. They are 19 gauge in thickness, making them substantial and luxurious at the same time. These copper blanks are a thick layer of copper over brass. The majority of the blank is copper and the blanks can be soldered and enameled like pure copper. 

Copper does have a tendency to tarnish more rapidly than sterling silver. To slow down the tarnishing process after you have stamped, oxidized and polished the blank, you can apply a coat of Renaissance Wax. This stuff is amazing! It was developed to preserve artifacts in the British Museum. You just apply it to your finished blank and buff it gently. It will dry hard instantly and the jar will last a lifetime!

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