April 4, 2011

Winner for our last National Craft Month Giveaway!

WHEW! What a month! It's hard to believe that March is but a mere memory. Thanks so much to all of our customers who played along and left such nice comments on our giveaway posts. We really, really appreciate your kind words.

It was really fun for us to host these giveaways. It's a great way to start our week by giving away a prize to a lucky winner!

And speaking of winner...I'll bet you are wondering if you were the winner of our Week 5 giveaway.

A big congratulations goes to Noah's Ark Creations!!!

She commented:
"Hmmm. My favorite...well, I've worked with several and I really love making the connector bracelets with birthstones. So, I guess my favorite would be SS232."

Just shoot me an email, Keona, at kate at beaducation dot com with your mailing address and we'll get your package right out to you!

Thanks again, everyone. You guys really are the best.

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Keona Hunter said...

What a great post to find before getting into work!! I'm so excited!