April 14, 2011

Getting 'er DONE!!!

So as you may know, we have been moving our offices to a beautiful new home. Things are moving pretty fast here at Beaducation headquarters and things are looking GOOD!

We thought that we'd share our new "creative space" with you. That's right. CREATIVE SPACE. That means that we have a dedicated space to make our samples and come up with new designs and test new products just for you.
Here is Danelle and Lisa putting together some shelving for our tools!

There is Lisa proving that she can wield a drill with the same skill as a 1 lb brass mallet. Angela and Danelle are cheering her on. (And check out the nice dapping block on the worktable!)

We can't wait to get creative in our new nook that has a place for all of our tools and stamps. We really do test every product that we sell in our online shop. Now we just have a nice new place to do it in!

Do you have a creative space? What are some favorite features of your work area?

We'll post more pictures around our new office soon. Have a great weekend everybody. Get out and CREATE!

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plcpeggy said...

Kate and co. congrats on your new space! nothing re-energizes like new digs. I have a corner of my apartment where I create my handmade jewelry (which often spills all over the place), but it is my "space".