April 22, 2011

Everything you needed to know about wire...

...but were afraid to ask.
Ah, wire! Wire is an amazing jewelry making medium. Wire is truly a blank slate that is just waiting for your creativity.

It's a great place to jump in and begin with metalworking. Here at Beaducation, we love wire. We wanted to share that love with a few tips and tricks and a SPECIAL sale (keep reading)!
The hardness of wire is known as the "temper." Temper describes the malleability of metal. Some common terms for temper are Half Hard and Dead Soft. Half Hard wire is work hardened to retain its shape under stress (think wire wrapped loops and ear wires.) It is also has a "springy" memory to it that can make it difficult to control at times.
Dead Soft wire is just that...soft. That is our temper of choice here at Beaducation. The more you work with the wire, the stiffer the wire gets and starts to act like Half Hard wire. That really gives you the best of both worlds, nice malleable wire to start that gradually morphs into a nice work-hardened piece as the project is finished. You can see that amazing transformation in action in our FREE class Making Your Own Earwires. In class Lisa also teaches how to work-harden soft wire with a plastic mallet and bench block.
But what to do if your wire gets too hard? What if you are using heavier gauge wire or flat wire and it's just getting too stiff to work with? Why anneal it of course! Annealing is the process of heating metal and causes the recrystallization of the molecules resulting in a softened metal. Don't worry, we have got it covered. Check out our FREE class on Annealing Metal and you'll be an expert in no time.

So now that you have some information about wire under your belt, aren't you itching to give some wireworking a go? We thought you might. Today through Friday, April 29 we have FOUR of our most popular wire classes on sale, by one of the best wireworking teachers in the country. Dallas Lovett is his name and wirework is his game!

Each of his classes for Beaducation are 20% off the regular price. Pearl Hope Necklace, Rustling Leaves Bracelet, Desire Earrings and Temptation Earrings. These classes are packed with information. Under the expert tutelage of Dallas, you'll be a wire wrapping genius in no time!

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