April 26, 2011

Beaducation is Having a Gold Rush!

We're having a gold sale - starting tomorrow!
We're actually having a 'gold filled' sale and honestly if given the choice, I prefer gold filled over solid gold any day of the week.

Why gold filled over solid gold? Well for one thing, it's less expensive and when you buy it April 27th - May 1st at Beaducation, it's 20% off all blanks and charms and 10% off chain, wire and jump rings. With the metals market rising daily, how can you beat this sale?

I'm blinded by the bling of gold filled metal because it doesn't flake, rub off or turn color. Gold filled is never to be confused with gold plated because it's more valuable, more durable and tarnish resistant than gold plated. 

Gold filled contains more gold than gold plated and will last as long as 14 Karat gold. Gold filled is an actual layer of gold, mechanically pressure bonded to brass or copper. Gold filled is truly the most economical alternative to solid gold and will allow you to have money left over to buy a new outfit to match your stunning new jewelry. 

Gold filled metal is really sterling silver's fancier sister. And sometimes, it's nice to feel fancy. As a true admirer of gold, I think it is always necessary to feel special. So treat yourself to some gold filled blanks and findings while Beaducation has them on sale.

You will see it on all the celebrities, at every Academy Awards, in every magazine and on every dancer in Bollywood, because gold is hot hot hot! So start your spring off with a little sizzle and stamp on a gold filled blank today!

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