March 4, 2011

Top tips for National Craft Month

In keeping with our theme this month, we thought we would post a few of our favorite tips that help get your craft on. (Got your craft on? 'Cause here at Beaducation, oh, it's ON!!!)

Organize! Make March the month to get those supplies into plastic containers, boxes, baggies or baskets. Nothing kills craft mojo quicker than trying to find lost beads and supplies.

Clean before you craft. Clean your worktable. Make your space clean and tidy. (But not so tidy that you won't want to mess it up again with a new project.) 

Get a group together. Crafting with a bunch of friends is a great way to connect over a common interest. You can share supplies, ideas and SNACKS!

Tune up your tools. Gather all of your tools together and give them a quick wipe down with some WD40. Buff out any rough spots with super fine steel wool followed by a polish with a soft cloth (Used Pro Polish Pads work great!) Mark any unmarked tools with your initials, so the next time they travel to a class, you'll know which ones should come home with you.

Photograph special finished projects. It's great to have a visual record of your pieces, so why not gather all of those projects that you have completed in the last few months (or years) and take them outside and shoot pictures on the next sunny morning.

And our favorite...

Learn something new. Pick up that book or magazine that you have been wanting to get to and read about a new technique. Consult your design file for fresh ideas. (Don't have one? Buy yourself a pretty expanding file the next time you are at the office supply store. Put all your clippings, design ideas and doodles in there for easy access.) 

Better yet, we'll make it easy for you to learn something new. Enter the contest to win a class of your choice from Browse our design ideas and FREE product videos. Contest is on until Monday, March 8AM PST.

What are your favorite tips to get you motivated? Have a great crafting weekend, everybody!

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