March 29, 2011

National Craft Month Contest Week 5 - Baby's Got Brass!

***Contest Closed! Thanks for all of your comments!***

Our Customer Service Department here at Beaducation has the pleasure of speaking with the nicest people all day long: you guys! To celebrate the last giveaway for National Craft Month, we are giving away items made from the hottest new jewelry trend: brass!

One of our favorite brass items at Beaducation is our solid brass swivel pendant because it is Beaducation’s most unique item for stamping.  Our solid sterling silver swivel gets so much play, we thought you guys needed to take a look at its alternative, the solid brass swivel! After we chose to give away three of these beauties, we found out that Lisa Niven Kelly designed them herself and they are exclusive to Beaducation! Each pendant is stampable on all four sides and looks like a little piece of 360 degree rotatable art.

Lisa's mom, Bonnie with her brass swivel.
Just a couple months ago, we noticed Lisa wearing one of the brass swivels around her neck. She actually wears it all the time. She even stamped one for her lovely mom, Bonnie, who also wears hers often.

The brass swivel looks just like gold, but it's brass. In fact, so many of our brass blanks look just like gold!
Lisa hasn't polished her swivel in a year and it looks so beautiful. After some thought, we decided to pick an array of other brass beauties to include in our giveaway.

These blanks are a great alternative to gold filled and look just like gold. You can even wear them on a silver chain with your silver blanks as well as gold filled. They look great on our brass ball chain sold by the inch or on one of our fantastic new gold filled ball chains too. The possibilities are endless.

So there you have it. We are giving away three solid brass swivel pendants, a yellow brass scalloped pendant, a yellow brass small solid cog, a yellow brass circle with dotted edge, a yellow brass large open cog, and a yellow brass 29mm pressed circle with a new gold filled 18" ball chain because we know you will love them. We're also including a 3/32" Economy Lowercase Letter Set for stamping so you will be able to stamp on these lovely blanks!

To win this great prize, tell us about your favorite pendant or blank on our site and include the model  number. Is it gold filled, silver, copper or brass? We'd love to know. We'll randomly pick a winner from your comments and send off these brass swivels and blanks with the gold filled chain and  3/32" stamp set to get you stamping!

To earn extra chances of winning this great prize, post a link to this blog post (not just the blog) on your blog, Facebook page, or your Twitter feed (use #Beaducation in your Twitter post so we will see it) about this National Craft Month giveaway.   

Let us know in a separate comment on this post. (So if you comment once you have one entry.  Then comment again for each social media link that you made for additional entries to win. One comment with all of the places you re posted, FB'ed and Twittered will just get you one entry.)
Good luck everyone! We'll pick the winner by random drawing on Monday, April 4, 8 AM PST.