December 21, 2010

What we're wearin'

As I cruised around the office today, I admired the creativity of my staff.  Almost everyone was sporting a handmade necklace (created either by herself or someone else).  So on a whim, I asked them to cough up their necklaces for a spontaneous blog post.

Here's what we're wearin'.

  • Lisa (that's me!) - a holiday themed pendant with the new Wackadoodle font metal stamp set.
  • Lucy (my daughter was visiting that day) - a collage necklace.  I had to upgrade her from a Nickel chain to a Sterling chain because she never takes it off and it was turning her neck green.  On this necklace, a skull glass pendant by Michele Goldstein, stamped peace sign charm (charm from Nina Designs) and loads of pewter charms from Tierra Cast.
  • Claudia - another glass pendant by Michelle Goldstein (we are big fans!).
  • Danelle - what that girl can do with wire!
  • Steph  - a little soldering, a little stamping.
  • Mel - leather earrings from TOMgirl jewelry, and aw, she likes her husband enough to put him on a pendant...the front of the pendant no doubt!

  • Angela - has a new collection of sassy pendants with clocks on them (I covet this!).
  • Jenn - a few pendants from Nina Designs. 
  • Katie - an engraved heirloom locket.
  • Kate -a soldered ring with Dichroic too can learn to make this.


Kalen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa's piece! I have been wearing this:

LOVE it!

Unknown said...

love this post! it should be a running theme~looks like you couls always have a post w/ all that talent.

zoe said...

love katie's locket!